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  • Michel Vaillant Essential Blond Ointment

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    Essential Blond Ointment is a ointment made of vegetable oils and 100% natural ingredients for daily hoofcare of your horse.

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    Essential Blond Ointment

    Organic Hoofcare products



    Formula made using a blend of conventional vegetable oils, enhanced with essential oils specially selected for daily hoof care and with other 100% natural ingredients that ensure the horn remains hydrated and supple. It contributes to healthy hoof growth.


    Conventional vegetable oils (Coconut, Castor, Sunflower).
    Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids + vitamins A and E.
    Essential oils: Clove, Lemon peel.
    Other natural products: Lanolin, Beeswax.

    Use and directions for use

    Apply regularly, with a brush, to the whole hoof, on the soft areas under the hoof and at the hoof base. For aggressive ground, renew once or twice a day until you obtain the desired result. Ultra-penetrating.
    Store away from cold and heat.

    External care product, may be used during competitions. 
    No petroleum by-products or fat from dead stock used.

    Available in 500ml and 1L pot.

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